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Loarre´s castle
By Mario
COLE DE CASTEJÓN DE SOS (5º y 6º) / Lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


Loarre is a small village in Huesca. There is an important castle.
Loarre´s castle, it is very old and beautiful. It was built in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, because it was situated on a strategic point on the frontier between the Christian north and the Muslim kingdom of Zaragoza to the south. From the castle, Christians controlled Hoya de Huesca and specially Bolea. It was built by Sancho III and Sancho Ramírez, and it is the oldest castle in Spain. In the castle there were stables, a church, and a drawbridge, many years ago.
Few years ago they use Loarre to make a film called Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott director.

Loarre. By Mario
Loarre. By Mario

Now Loarre is visited by lot of people and there is a bookshop, a ticket office and a gift shop.
I like a lot Loarre, and I have been there three times.
The castle is superb, the views are spectacular and the vultures are flying around the towers every day.

A map from Loarre´s castle
A map from Loarre´s castle


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